2021 - A Year in Review

December 31, 2021

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on some the accomplishments of 2021. As a first time representative, there was a lot to learn about the process. However, I did not let that stop me from advocating for you every step of the way. I pushed for legislation that would benefit the 57th District in committee and on the floor. 

Click here for a list of the major Public Acts that were signed into law. 

Although the Connecticut General Assembly is not in session year round, the responsibilities of a representative do not end on Sine Die. During the offseason, I held discussions with experts on relevant issues, such as car thefts, children's mental health, and Home Energy Solutions. 

Below is a selection of testimony and forums that I participated in during 2021. I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year - I will continue to fight on your behalf during the 2022 session. 

Here on the floor, I defended the town of East Windsor against a bill that took revenue from East Windsor and made no effort to right the wrong. I've spent a great number of hours with First Selectman Jason Bowsza, Rep Carol Hall (R) and Senator Saud Anwar (D) advocating for economic development opportunities in East Windsor. 

In this conversation with bipartisan Ellington and East Windsor P and Z members represented, we discussed collectively a controversial zoning bill I was able to negotiate removal of all components of concerns that local P and Z members shared and preserve the parts that CT building association president and Ellington constituent Eric Santini advocated for. 
Behind the scenes I was part of a coalition that defended restaurants and other industries against a well-intended bill that would have significantly negatively impacted local businesses. I replied to the call of 10+ restaurant owners, had in depth conversations with a few that led me to understand that there was no viable compromise on this bill.

The pandemic has exacerbated concerns related children’s wellbeing and mental health. In November, I hosted a live discussion on children’s mental health, trauma-informed schools and recommendations for CT policy and programming in the future. I plan on using what I learned in that discussion and more to better support our children in this upcoming year and beyond. 
Many of you have reached out to my office concerning well water contamination. In December, I met with key stakeholders to establish the groundwork for regional collaboration for Build Back Better and American Rescue Plan Act money to be used to tackle this issue. I will continue to pursue meaningful solutions to well water contamination this upcoming session.
In October, I hosted a virtual discussion with a group of agricultural leaders on crop loss and disaster assistance. I am looking forward to finding more ways to support our farmers
This legislative session we passed many meaningful laws to support seniors. We made bus drivers mandated reporters, barred auto-renewal electric plans that prey on seniors and the disabled, created a senior fraud prevention task force and passed a variety of laws designed to protect seniors in their most vulnerable times in long term care facilities and with companions and homemakers.

Last session we worked to lower prescription drug costs by requiring manufacturing discounts go to the consumer and not the insurance company. For this 2022 session, I hope to support more legislation to keep your prescription prices low