Foster Weekly Meetings 4.1

April 1, 2022
The 2022 session is well underway. There is so much work to be done and because so much of it is out of view of the public, I thought I would include in my weekly e-blasts all the great things I am proud to work on.

Just like in the off session, I spend most of my waking hours advocating for the people of Ellington and East Windsor. I am spending nearly 60 hours a week in public hearings alone so you may see some delay in response time.

Here is a brief breakdown of some of the work I completed this week:


  • Public Health Committee held a meeting and a public hearing
  • Conducted 4 constituent calls
  • Reached out to municipal departments and had conversations on contaminated water in Ellington!


  • A day to catch up – returned some calls and read some bills.


  • Public Health Committee Meeting (although a small agenda, went long)
  • Discussed legislation and the impact it would have on our community with my colleagues in the General Assembly
  • Touched base with local business owners who answered my call for opinions on bills.
  • Advocated on 2 DMV related issues


  • Quick Call with CT Water for Ellington DPW task
  • Discussions with local business owners on a few bills they want me to flag with their concerns
  • PURA docket update on equitable modern grid
  • Team meetings


  • Discussions on captive audience bill
  • Veterans Suicide Summit
  • I/DD caucus

I know many of you have reached out via email with your concerns. If you haven’t received a response yet, I promise you will hear back from me soon.

April is National Volunteer Month
April is National Volunteer Month. This month, I am challenging the residents of East Windsor and Ellington to get out and volunteer. 

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back and help build up our community. During this month, tag me in your Facebook posts about your volunteering efforts. Make sure to use the hashtag #Volunteer57 in your post. 

Here are some things I am always working on to benefit the district: 
  • Email and phone calls to follow up on local issues
  • Keep in touch with municipal CEOs to collaborate!
  • Sharing funding announcements with local orgs who might not see things I get
  • Stay in touch with local PDs
  • Stay in touch with local school admin
  • Meeting with constituents about local issues and asks
  • Planning / organizing outreach events and office hours to keep open and transparent office
Other Events  

Indian Valley Family YMCA Sends Athletes to the Finals 

Earlier this week, I attended the send off event that celebrated the  Indian Valley Family YMCA Breakers athletes going to zones and finals!

Congrats to Jocelyn, Rachel and Campbell going to Nationals and Oliver and Cody going to Zones

As a former YMCA swimmer, I know your hard work in the pool will set you up for so many successes in your future. You're gritty, introspective, focused and so strong. Keep it up!

Celebrating Vietnam Veteran's Day

March 29 was National Vietnam Veterans Day. I want to thank and honor former State Representative Ted Graziani

Ted is a man of carefully chosen words and actions. He's dedicated his work and retirement to serving veterans and his family.

Ted is a wonderful community member, leader and volunteer. Earlier this week, he was given a certificate of appreciation for his work in the community. Although I could not attend due to a conflicting event, I am thrilled that Ted received the honor. 

Kid's Fishing Derby in East Windsor Park
Earth Day Event

East Windsor Town Budget Process

Click here is the Budget Workshop Meeting information.
Click here for the last meetings minutes.

Ellington Town Budget Meetings

The Town of Ellington will hold a public hearing on April 12th , where interested citizens can comment on and ask questions of the proposed budget.

The Board of Finance will then have the opportunity to go through each line item and make changes at their Budget Deliberations meetings scheduled for April 14th and 20th.

Finally, the Annual Town Budget Meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 10th. One of two conclusions to this meeting will occur: either a vote of electors/citizens qualified to vote in Town Meetings will be taken to approve the proposed FY 2022-2023 Town Budget, or the meeting will be adjourned to Referendum to address this item.

Any questions on the Town's proposed budget can be directed to the Finance Office at 860-870-3115. Additional information on the proposed 2022-2023 budget can be found on their website

American Rescue Plan Task Force

The Town of Ellington is looking for ideas on how to spend funds allocated from the American Rescue Plan (ARP).

Click here to access the form to submit your ideas. 

The deadline to submit ideas for the use of these funds is 4:00 pm on Thursday, April 21st. 

The next meeting of the American Rescue Plan Task Force is scheduled for April 28, 2022 at 2:00 pm in the Nicholas J. DiCorleto, Jr. Meeting Hall. 

Please visit the Town of Ellington website with any additional questions. 

Library Kickoff
Ellington Unified Social Night
North Central District Health Department

The North Central District Health Department will soon be offering weekly office hours for those looking to do the following:

1. Planning to open a food establishment, hair and/or nail salon or barber shop;
2. Considering the purchase of an existing food establishment or salon; or
3. A residential building addition, deck, shed or swimming pool.


Upcoming Events

2022 Lieutenant Governor’s Computing Challenge

The LT. Governor's Office is holding a computing challenge. This competition is open to all students in grades 3-12 living in Connecticut.

US Department of Agriculture LAMP Grant Applications Open

Check out this opportunity posted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture!