Rep. Cook Applauds Funding for Sullivan Senior Center Included in State Budget

May 11, 2022

State Representative Michelle L. Cook (D – Torrington) lauded the inclusion of $100,000 for the Edward E. Sullivan Senior Center, 88 E. Albert St., Torrington in the state budget, which Governor Ned Lamont signed into law on Monday.

The $100,000 authorized for the Sullivan Senior Center will help with a longstanding list of upgrades and repairs that could include sidewalk improvements, enhancing senior programing, increasing refrigerator space, upgrading automated doors and a variety of improvements that will enhance the senior experience.

"Thank you to Governor Lamont and legislative leaders for supporting this key funding to make physical improvements to the Sullivan Senior Center building. The award will help enhance the safety of the building and better serve the thousands of Torrington seniors who use the center," said Rep. Cook.

"This opportunity provided by the legislature and our Governor will benefit our seniors immediately in a variety of ways. It is important that our legislative leaders have recognized that today’s reality is the ability to plan and upgrade can often be sidelined by a lack of funds, not need or creativity. This gift will allow our senior center both! Being able to move on necessary program enhancements and safety issues will benefit our seniors for years to come and our staff is ready to put these funds to work," said Joel Sekorski, Director of the Sullivan Senior Center.

The Sullivan Senior Center offers an enriching environment for older adults, providing recreational activities, nutrition services like Meals on Wheels, education and wellness programs, and social services to meet a diverse range of needs. The Center is available to over 5,000 residents 60 years and older.

Torrington will receive $31,809,854 in total state funding during the 2023 fiscal year. This is an increase of $1,048,593 from the 2022 fiscal year. The city will receive $28,938,033 in funding for Torrington Public Schools.