Budget Highlights - Investments in Our Children and Families

May 20, 2022

During last year's session, the Connecticut General Assembly passed a bipartisan budget that didn’t raise taxes and made historic payments toward our pension debt. Because of our smart reforms, strong returns, and Federal aid, this year’s budget adjustments included investments in our community, children’s mental health, and childcare.  In addition to these investments, we were able to cut $600 million in taxes.

Over the next few weeks, I wanted to highlight specific aspects of the budget. This week, I want to discuss the investment in our children, particularly in regards to their mental health. 

Through the budget, the Town of Ellington will receive a reimbursement for the Windermere Elementary School Project. The funding was increased by 14.64%, which amounts to about $9 million. This funding will play a crucial role in the elementary school's renovation project.

Child Tax Payment

To help relieve parents, a child tax payment  was included in our state budget. The child tax payment will provide parents with qualifying incomes a graduated personal income tax credit of up to $600 for up to three dependent children under the age of 16. Click here to learn more. 

Investments Made in Children's Mental Health 

Addressing the ongoing youth mental health crisis was a priority of the Connecticut General Assembly going into this legislative session. I was able to work alongside my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to craft and pass meaningful legislation to address this problem.

HB 5001 makes significant investments into the mental health of our children. In addition to this bill, the budget also provides further support:

  • Assist local schools in expanded mental health staff and access to care
  • Provide mental health training to parents, students, and pediatricians
  • Help school-based health centers develop new mental health programming
  • Create new walk-ins for mental health emergencies
  • Establish a new position at the Healthcare Advocate to help families navigate care for children and adolescents
  • Expand 24/7 emergency mental health response
  • Establish state oversight and coordination of state response to kids' mental health needs
  • Expand mentorship opportunities

Investments in Our Schools 

Every student in our state should have access to an education filled with opportunity that sets them up for success. The best investment we can make in our future is giving our schools the tools and resources they need today to help our students succeed tomorrow – and our state budget doubles down on the investment.

Our schools educate students of all backgrounds with different needs. We are fortunate to have incredibly talented educators in our state that have gone the extra mile, especially during the pandemic as they adapted to a rapidly changing educational landscape.

The budget will:

  • Increase local funding for special education
  • Expand minority teacher scholarships
  • Expand school choice opportunities
  • Stabilize funding for CT colleges and Universities
  • Expand successful LEAP attendance program
  • Double funding for bilingual education

Our schools are still rebounding from the pandemic, and this budget will ensure our students and educators have the supports they need to succeed.

Formula Sample Drive

The Town of East Windsor and Ellington are hosting a Formula Sample Drive.

The drop off locations listed below will be open during business hours - 9-5, Monday through Friday.  

Trail Clean Up

On Tuesday, June 7, a group of local and state officials will team up with KeyBank to host a trail clean up at Hockanum River Trail.  

Residents from Enfield, East Windsor, and Ellington are welcome to join us to clean up our local trail.

Please bring gloves, bug spray, and protective clothing. Please reach out to my office with any questions.