Funds to Upgrade Gaylord Technology System on Bond Commission Agenda

July 22, 2022

Technology for Gaylord is on State Bond Commission’s Agenda

The State Bond Commission agenda for July 29, 2022, includes the release of $4.5 million in bond funds for the provision of electronic medical records (EMR) at Gaylord Specialty Health Care in Wallingford. Rep. Mary Mushinsky, who pursued the funding for months to upgrade Gaylord’s information technology system, thanked Governor Lamont, House Speaker Matt Ritter and colleagues including Rep. Liz Linehan for their support for Gaylord. The legislature approved the expenditure of up to $4.5 million in bond funds and $2.6 million in federally provided ARPA funds at Dept. of Public Health for this purpose in the 2022 budget revisions. However, Connecticut's two-step process also requires Bond Commission approval for bond funds.

Gaylord has begun upgrading their old medical records system to use the same modern system that nearby acute care hospitals use. Mushinsky said, “We are very proud in Wallingford that Gaylord stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic and treated more than 350 patients diverted from other acute care hospitals. They should have the same technology as the other acute care hospitals. Today, Gaylord continues to help long-haul COVID-19 patients recover their physical and mental abilities. “

Unlike larger hospitals, Gaylord does not currently have a modern EMR system for patient records and their system does not intersect with area hospitals. The modern EMR system will serve patients and their doctors with seamless record-keeping. Gaylord Specialty Health Care is nationally known for patient recovery and rehabilitation.

The Bond Commission generally approves all items on their published agenda.