Rep. Simms Legislative Update

May 18, 2023


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Dear Neighbor,

Here's a quick recap of some legislation the House of Representatives has passed.

The House of Representatives passed HB 6918 on Wednesday that makes important clarifying and technical changes to the groundbreaking Clean Slate legislation signed into law in 2021, which can now be fully implemented and deliver on the promise of a fresh start for hundreds of thousands of people in education, employment and housing without the burden of a long-past criminal conviction.

Business organizations and chambers of commerce have lined up behind Clean Slate legislation in Connecticut and throughout the country, recognizing it as an economic driver by enhancing someone's ability to be gainfully employed, start a business and secure housing.

Outdated technology and outstanding legal and policy questions required updating in order to automatically erase criminal records of people seven years after the date of their conviction for a misdemeanor or 10 years after the date of their conviction for certain felonies if they have not been convicted of other crimes. 

No one's future should be limited because of mistakes made years or even decades ago.
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HB 6872 will ensure election officials and presidential electors do their duty as prescribed by law.


  1. HB 6775 Expands protections for seniors by increasing the number of mandated reporters for suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation or when a senior needs protective services.


Putting teeth in municipal blight laws to increase the tools towns have to deal with abandoned, blighted and unsafe properties.


Connecticut has a rich history of remarkable stories. HB 6077 establishes a process to add additional statues outside the Capitol that reflect the diversity, character, and accomplishments of the state.

Protecting our children is the most important part of youth athletic competition. HB 6561 creates a task force that will study safety measures for all sports.

Food allergies can be life-threatening. H.B. 5902 establishes standards that restaurants must follow to ensure customers alert staff about their allergies. The bill will also require informational posters to be displayed in restaurants to ensure increased safety and awareness.

Sadly, wrong-way crashes and deaths have been on the rise in our state. Today, we took action to help reduce incidents and minimize fatalities.

Attention consumers! Under HB 5314 businesses will no longer be able to charge your credit card, debit card, or third-party payment account without your consent for automatic renewal or continuous services.

As always, feel free to call me at 1-800-842-8267 or email me at if you have any questions or concerns. Also, please like my official Facebook Page for regular updates.


Travis Simms

State Representative


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