The Republican budget would hurt people and our economy

October 2, 2017

The Republican budget would hurt people and our economy, devastate our cities, decimate our higher education system, and take money out of the pockets of working families. It deserved to be vetoed. We need a bipartisan solution; the partisan political posturing must end! I stood on the steps on Hartford City Hall with my colleagues to denounce this failed plan and to support Governor Malloy's veto.

The current budget crisis is real and demands sacrifices that without a doubt will impact everyone in the state. However, the republican budget, that was rightfully vetoed by the governor, did nothing to resolve the existing challenges we have without getting us deeper into long term fiscal trouble. It also didn’t address the severe fiscal issues faced by the City of Hartford that would negatively impact not only the city, but the region and the state. Sound bites of the republican budget passing with bipartisan support do not reflect the truth about a plan that is unbalanced, unfair and far from getting us back on track. Working together on crafting a serious budget that puts our capital city and Connecticut’s best interests before partisan politics is past due.