State Funds For New Haven

January 27, 2016

I am excited to announce that the State Bond Commission is expected to approve significant state funding for New Haven at is meeting on Friday January, 29.

$2,523,171 for New Haven Schools

This funding will allow for school building improvements such as HVAC system upgrades, new technology equipment, and classroom improvements.

Forty-Nine schools in New Haven will benefit from this funding as part of the Alliance District Program. The Alliance District program supports funding and strategies to dramatically increase student outcomes and close achievement gaps.

I am so grateful that as many as forty-nine New Haven schools are going to benefit from significant state funding for building improvements. These upgrades are going to improve the learning environment for thousands of students in New Haven and will help produce are next generation of high school graduates, college graduates, and skilled workers.

$5.5 million for brownfield remediation

This funding will allow for the environmental remediation of a former CT Transit bus garage located at 470 James Street. The developer selected to revitalize the remediated property will develop the site into a $20 million technology incubator center.

This grant will help solidify New Haven’s already well-established standing as Connecticut’s technology hub and will help attract more young tech-savvy talent to our city. I want to thank Governor Malloy for this generous grant which will help make New Haven an even more vibrant city to live and work in.

$14.5 million grant for new Q Center

This funding will allow for the construction of a new Dixwell Q House Community Center. The closing of the Q House in 2003 was a big loss for our community but I am so pleased that the funding came through for a new community center to serve children and families in the Dixwell neighborhood. The new Q House has so much potential and I am looking forward to the center’s completion.