Passed State Budget Benefits New London

June 3, 2019

The state budget approved by the House of Representatives on Monday night provides a net increase in funding for New London’s education system. The new budget includes additional funding of $1.2 million in comparison to last year for New London schools and the Teacher Retirement Fund will no longer be an expense to our town.

It has been my commitment to ensure New London receives additional funding to its school and I am pleased that our delegation worked together to make that possible.

The approved budget also reflects an agreement where the budget will fund local hospitals to expand access to healthcare and protect thousands of jobs.

New London is fortunate to have a significant number of small businesses that support our economy, so I am thrilled that the Business Entity Tax of $250 has been eliminated. This sends a clear message to our small businesses that we are invested in their success.

The budget also includes a provision to provide increased funding for early childhood program, making sure all communities receive the support they need.

Many non-profits in the 39th District will receive grants of up to $160,000 to facilitate our youth programs that play a crucial role in our children’s success. This budget offers both security and growth for New London residents.

The 2019 Legislative Session ends on June 5.