My Pledge to Support Parkinson's Research and Treatment

April 16, 2024

I pledge to support finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease while supporting research, treatment, and funding to those living with the disease. Every day more and more people are getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I stand with my colleagues in support of new proposed legislation, which aims to address this situation head-on.
Senate Bill 1, which is a large omnibus bill, tackles many public health initiatives including the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. The proposal would:
  • Require the Department of Public Health to maintain and operate a Parkinson’s disease data registry
  • Require hospitals and certain health care providers to submit data to the registry
  • Establish a data oversight committee to monitor the registry’s activities

It’s important to have a collective action plan to identify and manage Parkinson’s. Doctors have diagnosed more than 20,000 residents in Connecticut with Parkinson’s, which is the second-most common neurodegenerative disease next to Alzheimer’s Disease. The goal is to create a future without these diseases.

Last Thursday, I came forward to announce my Parkinson’s diagnosis on World Parkinson's Disease Awareness Day. I will remain steadfast in my support of Senate Bill 1 and any other legislation that helps those living with Parkinson’s. Doctors are making great strides in therapy and treatment, and I hope we will soon find a cure. I would like to thank my wife Diane for her support throughout this journey.

Please watch my speech in which I discuss my diagnosis.