Bridgeport delegation secures $3.1 million in supplemental car tax reimbursement money

April 11, 2018

I am pleased to report that the city of Bridgeport is slated to receive $3.1 million in supplemental car tax reimbursement money after I and the Bridgeport legislative delegation fought to secure the release of the funds from the state Office of Policy and Management.

The funding announcement comes after lawmakers representing Bridgeport, Hamden and Torrington expressed concern over the amount of motor vehicle tax reimbursements allocated to each of the three cities. The three communities were facing a motor vehicle tax reimbursement shortfall of more than $10 million collectively.

A fundamental tenet of the bipartisan budget, Public Act 17-4, that passed last year was that municipalities with car tax rates above 39 mills – the state mandated car tax cap for 2018 – would be made whole for the difference between the cap and the higher tax rate.

To help make the municipalities whole, the Office of Policy and Management is releasing $5 million from the stabilization fund dedicated for car tax reimbursements.

During this time of tough budgetary challenges, it is crucial for the Bridgeport legislative delegation to stand together and ensure Bridgeport receives its fair share of funding. The Bridgeport delegation worked hard with lawmakers from Torrington and Hamden to secure $5 million in supplemental car tax reimbursement money.

This money should help Bridgeport balance the current year’s budget and ensure that taxpayers will not have to bear an additional burden. As an Alliance District, it is vital that we maintain state funding. We hope that this additional state funding allows Bridgeport to stabilize the tax rate and prioritize making needed investments in city service and education.

Press Release: Bridgeport delegation secures $3.1M in supplemental car tax reimbursement money