Leadership Gains In House Appointments

January 9, 2017

State Representative Steve Stafstrom (D-Bridgeport) is pleased that he and members of Bridgeport's legislative delegation have made significant gains in leadership positions announced by House Speaker Joseph Aresimowicz (D-Berlin/Southington).

Rep. Stafstrom has been appointed an Assistant Majority Leader, Vice-Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and will also serve on the Planning and Development and Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committees.

"I thank Speaker Aresimowicz for my leadership and committee appointments," Rep. Stafstrom said. "I believe the leadership gains will help members of our legislative delegation ensure that Bridgeport is well represented in Hartford. The months ahead will pose many difficult budgetary and other challenges, but we look forward to a productive session and will continue to work together on behalf of our constituencies for the betterment of our city.”

“Rep. Stafstrom and the members of the Bridgeport delegation have each earned these appointments for their steadfast commitment to their communities and our state in the face of many tough challenges. I know they will continue their hard work on behalf of all their constituents, and I am excited about working together to help Bridgeport and our state move forward,” Speaker Aresimowicz said.