Health Care Legislation

June 16, 2021
This session, the legislature expanded HUSKY healthcare coverage, regardless of immigration status, to children 8 and under, pregnant women, and women who have just given birth.

While this was a good start, I advocated strongly for a HUSKY for ALL program to create a health care system for ALL Connecticuts residents, regardless of immigration status. 

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Beach Clean-up Event

June 15, 2021
As we enter summer, it is very important that we keep our beaches clean! Join me this Saturday, June 19th at West Beach for a group clean-up event. See additional details below.
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World Ocean Day

June 9, 2021
Yesterday was World Oceans Day!

Let's talk about the importance of healthy oceans for our constituents and state and nation.

The most obvious thing is that no one wants to swim in dirty waters, and no one wants plastic and other solids or chemical pollution to harm the wildlife.

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Legislation Passed Through The House

June 8, 2021
There are only 2 more days in the legislative session for the House to pass bills. As we enter the home stretch of session, please look out for my newsletters with information on legislation passed.
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HB 5312 Clarification

June 2, 2021

On Friday I sent out a recap of the bills we passed last week. I have received messages to vote against a bill we already passed in the House last week due to some miscommunication on the contents of the bill.

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COVID Update

May 27, 2021
The following is a summary of the day-to-day newly reported data on cases, deaths, and tests in Connecticut. It is important to note that these newly reported updates include data that occurred over the last several days to a week. All data in this report are preliminary, and data for previous dates will be updated as new reports are received and data errors are corrected.
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