Cristin McCarthy Vahey Named Chair of Planning & Development Committee

November 30, 2020

House Speaker-designate Matt Ritter (D-Hartford) and House Majority Leader Jason Rojas (D-East Hartford) today appointed Cristin McCarthy Vahey House chair of the Planning and Development Committee.

Speaker-designate Ritter said, "Cristin is an incredibly dedicated and talented legislator. She loves her community and uses that drive to work tirelessly on complex policies. Cristin will continue to thrive in this leadership position."

"Rep. McCarthy Vahey is returning as co-chairperson of the P&D Committee and her experience will be invaluable as the committee considers proposals from across the political spectrum," Majority Leader Rojas said. "Rep. McCarthy Vahey understands the need for a balanced approach in reviewing the complicated policy issues that will come before the committee. She is an advocate for our municipalities and will work collaboratively with them and other stakeholders to realize efficiencies in how we deliver services at the local level."

"I am honored that Speaker Ritter and Majority Leader Rojas have asked me to continue leading this important committee," Rep. McCarthy Vahey said. "Planning and Development provides a tremendous opportunity for municipalities and state government to work together effectively and efficiently to help Connecticut thrive."

Rep. McCarthy Vahey represents the 133rd Assembly District in Fairfield and has served as the Planning and Development Committee Chair since 2019. As a member of the Government Administration and Elections and Transportation Committees, Cristin has consistently advocated for safe, smart and accessible infrastructure as well as improved access to voting.