Matt Blumenthal Named GAE Committee Chair

December 14, 2022

For Immediate Release

Rep. Blumenthal Named GAE Committee Chair 

Speaker Ritter and Majority Leader Rojas appointed Rep. Matt Blumenthal as House Chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee. 

“Matt will bring his keen insights and attention to detail to GAE,” Speaker Ritter said. “Elections are the foundation of democracy and Connecticut will always work to make voting more accessible.”  

Majority Leader Rojas said, “Rep. Blumenthal has quickly established himself as a strong voice for safe, secure, and accessible elections in Connecticut in addition to his critical role on the Judiciary Committee. This past election Connecticut voters empowered the Legislature to consider updating our elections processes to allow for early voting. There will be many perspectives shared on the correct approach to early voting and Rep. Blumenthal's leadership style will ensure that all voices are heard and all ideas are considered. We have to get this unique opportunity right now and I’m confident Rep. Blumenthal is well suited to lead the GAE committee through this important work.” 

“Connecticut residents deserve open, fair, and accessible elections and a transparent and well-run state government," Rep. Blumenthal said. “I am humbled by the confidence and faith that Speaker Ritter and Majority Leader Rojas have placed in me to chair this committee. I look forward to working with my colleagues to increase government transparency and accountability, expand access to voting, and improve the delivery of government services to people and businesses around our state.”