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May 5, 2023

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Dear Neighbor,
Retirement Announcement
The day has come for my journey to shift. 23 years, 23 days. As of May 1, 2023 I will be retired from the New London Police Department. You'll see me more in a suit, just no longer in a uniform. I will still be serving New London as State Representative.
Being a peace officer has been a great roller coaster ride; an amazing journey after serving and protecting the community, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the people who have supported me throughout my career.
It's been a very demanding and challenging job requiring a great deal of courage, discipline, and dedication to serving and protecting the community. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve in such a noble profession trying to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in New London.
Throughout my career, I tried to place the needs of the community above my own. I have responded to countless emergencies, provided support to victims of crime, and worked tirelessly to keep our streets and youth safe. But I could not have done it alone. The support and love I have received from the community was very helpful in getting me through the challenges of the job and helping me to grow as a person and a peace officer.
I am also grateful to the many colleagues who share the same passion and dedication as I do. At times it was like having a second family - having support, getting guidance, occasionally arguing and debating along with sharing encouragement. It's been an amazing experience working together to make New London a safer and more vibrant community. The bonds some of us have formed will last a lifetime.
Lastly, I am grateful to my family for their unwavering support and understanding. They have been my rock through the long hours, stressful situations, and dangerous incidents I have faced on the job. Their love and support have helped me to overcome the toughest challenges and to succeed in my career.
I will forever cherish the memories and the relationships that I have formed, and I look forward to new adventures and opportunities that await. I'll still be "Nolan" looking to stay in touch, help out, reach out and, stay connected just the same. See you in the streets ♡
God bless
Early Voting Passage
The people of Connecticut spoke loud and clear through the constitutional amendment on early voting. Today we honor your voice. Early voting has passed the House of Representatives and is headed to the Senate.
Legislation Passed
Other bills the House passed this week include:
  • HB6688: Improves protections for CT residents going through eviction, expands green subsidies to heat pumps and geothermal heating, improves CHFA subsidies for home ownership and affordable housing opportunities, and establishes a working group to find ways to increase financing opportunities for mobile manufactured homes.
  • HB6752: Allows the CT Department of Banking to issue regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and protects CT residents from scams related to cryptocurrency kiosks.
  • HB6831: Allows for 24-hour response for prescription drugs for certain mental health conditions.
  • HB6689: Makes a career in health care a realistic option for more CT students. The Nursing and Mental Health Care Professionals Loan Subsidy Program will mean lower interest rates for students looking to go into health and mental health care.
  • HB6632: Opens previously closed avenues for local housing authorities housing units. On to the Senate for consideration.
  • HB6819: Requires the DPH to provide a full list of international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) in the state on their website and will establish a taskforce to study licensure.
  • HB6587: This bill creates a task force to develop a plan that utilizes Medicaid funding to support health-related social needs like diaper insecurity, food insecurity, and housing instability. The task force will also seek federal approval for services, and report how the proposed coverage will impact current recommendations.
  • HB6479: Contains a key provision to maximize federal funds designated for state and municipal climate change resiliency projects, including coastal resiliency projects.
  • HB6480: Eel Grass is an important component of seagrass meadows that improve water quality and protect from erosion. This bill establishes a working group on the restoration of eel grass.
  • HB5575: A necessary measure to ensure the humane treatment of animals in municipal animal shelters. We set municipal regulations establishing guidelines that maintain the health and safety of both the animals and the individuals working in the facilities.
  • HB6481: Prohibits the release of helium and lighter-than-air balloons, which are a hazard to wildlife and add to plastic pollution.
  • HB6615: Repeals the statutes authorizing dog racing and dog tracks. This will make it illegal to race greyhounds in Connecticut.
  • HB6569: Bans marriage under the age of 18.
National Day of Prayer
They came, they talked, and we heard....🏿Actions speak louder than words. Properly funding our children to make our educational system be equitable throughout our state and country is a must. We have the power to force a change. Connecticut's children deserve the funding needed to make the change for them to be successful. #FaithActs
Abandoned and Blighted Properties Discussion
This week I met with State Representative Jennifer Leeper, Michelle Lapine McCabe of Connecticut Main Street Center, several colleagues, and leadership from communities affected by abandoned/blighted properties.
We had the opportunity to host a discussion on the seriousness of abandoned and blight properties, receivership, and future tools for the municipal toolbox at the Legislative Office Building.
This is a problem communities in Connecticut have especially commercial building owners allowing buildings to fall into dismay hurting buisness’s next door and other housing or properties in the municipality.
We are pushing hard to support and informing colleague's to support HB 6892, that will help make and enforce regulations for prevention and remediation of housing blight or blight upon any commercial real property.
Theater Tax Credit Bill
It was great to stand with colleagues at State Representative Treneé McGee's press conference regarding HB 6919 - AN ACT ESTABLISHING A TAX CREDIT FOR CERTAIN PRE-BROADWAY AND POST-BROADWAY THEATER PRODUCTIONS. This is something I am a big supporter of. I am thankful to Rep McGee for her outreach to New London knowing we have one of the many great theaters in Connecticut with the Garde Arts Center - New London, CT. Thank you to Steve Seigle Executive Director of the Garde for being present to speak on the importance of the legislation along with Anthony McDonald from the Shubert, David Fay from the Bushnell, and Frank Tavera from the Palace Theatre.
Military Appreciation Month
As House Chair of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I would like you all to know we appreciate and are grateful for your service. Prayers of safety, strength, and love for all you do. #MilitaryAppreciationMonth #departmentofveteransaffairs #military
Upcoming Lane Closures and Construction
Heads up! An upcoming safety improvement project beginning May 21 will cause several lane closures in the evenings from 7 pm - 5 am. For more information about which routes will be affected, click here.
In addition, beginning May 1, 2023, the right shoulder and adjacent lane will be closed until further notice. This will reduce the Gold Star Memorial Bridge to four lanes in the Northbound direction on I-95.The lane closure will be maintained with a combination of construction signs, traffic drums, and other traffic control devices.
Motorists are advised to use caution and maintain a safe speed when driving through work zones.
The rehabilitation project consists of strengthening the truss approach spans of the Gold Star Memorial Bridge. The work requires the closing of a right or left shoulder and adjacent lane while activities are proceeding below the deck surface on the truss sections of the bridge. This work began February 28, 2022, with an anticipated completion date of June 25, 2025.
DOT Project No. 0094-0256 was awarded to Aetna Bridge Company for $50,895,103.60 on December 1, 2021 and is scheduled to be completed June 25, 2025. This project is being administered by the Division of Construction Operations, District 2 in Norwich.
For more information, click here.
Thank you to U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, who toured two southeastern Connecticut shipyards Tuesday, touting the federal government’s investment in the region’s maritime economy and heritage.
Stopping first at Thames Shipyard’s 2 Ferry St. Location, Courtney met with Adam Wronowski, the company’s vice president, who described the equipment the company will purchase with the grant money. A device that prepares ship hulls for repainting by removing old paint and rust with high-pressure water, a dust collector system, a vacuum recovery system, and a compressed air treatment system will double the shipyard’s capacity, enabling it to hire four or five additional employees, Wronowski said.
Mohegan People's Day Exhibition
In the concourse area between the Legislative Office Building and the Capitol this week. The Mohegan Tribe is displaying a new exhibition with visual storyboards that share their unique history. The exhibition will conclude on Muhi’ganiuk Day, or Mohegan People’s Day, marking the 29th anniversary of the Mohegan Tribe’s federal recognition. Display will be up until May 15....check it out.
Southeastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce Innovation Center Funding
Congratulations to the Southeastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce. The Eversource Foundation awarded $25,000 to the development of the Chamber's regional Innovation Center. Jeff Pugliese and Teresa Jackman of Eversource CT, presented the check to Tony Sheridan and Megan Gilbert of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT. The innovation center is currently under renovation in the downtown of the City of New London, Connecticut .
CGA Kickball Classic
We ended Monday with the CGA Classic Kickball Game this week at Dunkin' Park.
HOPE Inc.'s Open House
New London ― HOPE Inc.’s open house at 78 Belden St. Tuesday was double the celebration.
A single mother is closer to becoming a first-time homeowner and Executive Director Marilyn Graham’s work on Belden Street will now be noted by an honorary street sign.
Graham will soon retire after 34 years as executive director and the sole employee of HOPE Inc., an organization that restores old homes and sells them to low and moderate income families. She has been with HOPE since its inception in 1989 and has been at the forefront of renovations and construction at more than 30 homes across the city.
Big big thank you to HOPE Inc.’s Executive Director Marilyn Graham was surprised Tuesday with a street sign in her honor for her 34 years of work in New London at her last open house.
Spark MakerSpace Anniversary
Big "Shout Out" to Spark MakerSpace on the one year anniversary.
Congratulations and thanks for the great workshops and activities you offer the City of New London, Connecticut Check out the upcoming events in photo attached.
Preschool Enrollment
Child and Family now accepting preschool enrollment!
National Association for the Education of Young Children accredited early childhood education programming
Caring and qualified Bachelor level teachers
Support for the whole family
Call 860-437-4550 to learn more or submit an early childcare inquiry form: https://www.childandfamilyagency.org/.../childcare.../
Tennis in the Park
Reminder.... City of New London, Connecticut Tennis in the Park Starts Saturday! A USTA Tennis Program for grades 6-8 at Toby May Park.
Register online at http://www.newlondonrec.com or in the Rec Office at 111 Union Street.
Lids for Kids
The New London Elks, in partnership with Bike New London and Safe Kids CT, are bringing to you Lids for Kids, a bike helmet giveaway and safety event. Join with your children and have them properly fitted for a FREE bike helmet. They will also be giving away smoke detectors, and having a bike rodeo where kids can practice safe bike riding. (Bikes will be provided by Bike New London for them to use for this part.)
They will also raffle off kid's bikes to those that register and attend.
(Please note, the rain date is May 7)
Please register your child(ren) so they are sure to have enough helmets by clicking this link: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLScfVExjUgMCO1.../viewform
Thanks to sponsors: New London Rotary Club, New London Firefighters Union, and Chelsea Groton Bank Foundation.
Yoga in Our City
Yoga In Our City is back! This program offers free yoga classes for Connecticut residents taught by local teachers at parks in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, New London, Waterbury, and Willimantic. For more information, see below or click here.
New London Economic Development Forum
Save the date: New London's Economic Development Forum is Wednesday, May 24 from 5 - 7 pm at the Garde Arts Center - 325 State Street.
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Did you know? May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! The term Asian/Pacific encompasses all of the Asian continent and the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.
Pacific Islander and Asian Americans of all ethnicities and cultures come together to celebrate their heritage through many activities such as dancing, sharing traditional meals, and observing and appreciating their rich history. Thank you for all that you offer the State of Connecticut in making us such a great community.
Peace and Blessings
How to Ensure Safe Creative Communities
Coming - WED | MAY 10 5:30PM-6:30PM
The NLAC is proud to announce their partnership with Artreach, Inc. to host their very first in-person workshop, How to Ensure Safe Creative Communities. This free workshop will focus on ways to make our spaces equitable, trauma informed, and consent forward. All artistic organizations and artists of all disciplines and skill sets, along with interested community members, are welcome.
Learn more here.
Sailfest Talent Show Auditions
Let's gooooo. Sailfest - City of New London, Connecticut Talent Show Auditions ( Encore Performance )
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at my Capitol office at 860-240-8512 or email me at Anthony.Nolan@cga.ct.gov. Don't forget to "Like" my official Facebook page and follow me on Twitter for news and legislative updates.

Anthony Nolan
State Representative

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