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Advocates Plan Strategy for Ranked Choice
CT Examiner – Dec 13, 2020
In the upcoming legislative session, lawmakers in Hartford will need to tackle COVID relief head-on, deal with a looming budget crisis, and they may work to legalize recreational marijuana. Still, some activists are pushing to put another issue on the agenda: ranked-choice voting. 

Plastic bag ban push intensifies
CT Post – Jan 17, 2019
Proponents who are trying to capitalize on the growing momentum against single-use plastic bags across Connecticut have submitted two bills this week.

As Goes Maine, So Goes Connecticut?​
NHI – Jan 2, 2019
Hamden State Rep. Josh Elliott, who introduced RCV legislation back in 2017 that he said got no traction, attested to the attention span of lawmakers.

Progressives form a caucus, get ready to challenge opposing views
CTNewsJunkie – April 25, 2018
Thirty-one House Democrats formed a caucus and announced their intention to push a progressive agenda for social, economic, educational and criminal justice for all.

Lawmakers continue debate over 'retail marijuana'
WFSB – March 15, 2018
State Rep. Josh Elliott said if Connecticut fails to move forward with legalizing and regulating the retail sale of marijuana, the state will lose out on revenue to its neighboring state, Massachusetts.

Will Connecticut be the next state to go to pot
WTNH – March 15, 2018
State Rep. Josh Elliott joined Democratic lawmakers to advocate for the legalization and regulation of marijuana in Connecticut.

Towns need broader access to affordable, high-speed internet
The Hartford Business Journal – February 5, 2018
For any Connecticut municipality to thrive in the 21st century, state Rep. Josh Elliott said the state needs to invest in a high-speed, low-cost internet infrastructure that promotes economic development and other benefits.

Why the Laffer Curve is garbage
The Connecticut Mirror – January 18, 2018
State Rep. Josh Elliott argues that legislators and the voting public have been persuaded by a false premise that if Connecticut reduces its tax rates on the wealthy and large corporations, its economy will improve. This flawed ideology rests on theories that don't stand up to any level of scrutiny. 

Federal change on marijuana could affect state
The Hartford Courant – January 6, 2018
State Rep. Josh Elliott said he will continue pushing for votes that will lead to the legalization of marijuana in Connecticut. 

Budget ‘punishes the poor for being poor’
The Connecticut Post – October 29, 2017
State Rep. Josh Elliott voiced concerns about the approved $41.3 billion budget cutting various proposals that help the working poor and the middle class.

House approves bipartisan budget with veto-proof majority
The Hartford Courant – October 26, 2017
During the 2017 budget debate, state Rep. Josh Elliott said the $41.3 billion approved spending plan will further increase the disparity between social classes by cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit and does not include any proposals that will generate enough revenue for the state.

Connecticut still far from legalizing pot
Yale Daily News – September 19, 2017
State Rep. Josh Elliott said the illegality of marijuana has allowed the state to incarcerate users as opposed to educating them on drug abuse.

Proponents of recreational cannabis say they are still short votes for legalization
CTNewsJunkie – September 12, 2017
Since being elected to office, state Rep. Josh Elliott has advocated for the legalization of recreational marijuana. Elliott said by legalizing recreational marijuana, we can educate society on its effects and address some of Connecticut’s inequality concerns.

Group of millionaires pushes for higher taxes on the wealthy
The Hartford Courant – August 25, 2017
Increasing taxes on Connecticut’s top-earners would help address some of the state’s fiscal challenges. By slightly raising the income tax on Connecticut’s wealthiest residents, the state’s tax structure would become more equitable.

The budget problem is that we can’t agree on the problem
The Connecticut Mirror – August 24, 2017
As budget negotiations continue throughout special session, state Rep. Josh Elliott said it is vital for the legislature to modify its tax structure and increases taxes on Connecticut’s wealthiest residents.

Forum: The case for revenue
The New Haven Register – May 30, 2017
To help address the state’s fiscal challenges, state Rep. Josh Elliott said it is vital for Connecticut to identify new revenue streams.

Progressives ponder how much to bend
New Haven Independent – May 9, 2017
By implementing legislation to increase the minimum wage, and by passing a bill that strengthens gender pay equity, legislators are on the path toward building a more progressive future for Connecticut.

New proposal calls for higher sales tax, additional tax on highest earners, millions for Hartford
The Hartford Courant – April 20, 2017
While increasing the income tax on Connecticut’s wealthiest residents would raise millions in revenue for the state, state Rep. Josh Elliott said it would also help address the inequality problem that has been persistent in Connecticut.

Washington to help Wall Street, Hartford debates taxing hedge funds
WSHU – April 13, 2017
A proposal to implement a 19 percent surcharge on investment companies would not only raise $535 million per year it would also effectively close the tax loopholes investment managers get from the federal government.

Cutting tax credit hurts the poor, results in ‘minimal’ budget savings supporters say
The Hartford Courant – February 16, 2017
Eliminating the state income tax credit for the working poor would hurt the state’s most vulnerable residents. State Rep. Josh Elliott said this tax credit should be expanded not eliminated.

Greater New Haven lawmakers talk pensions, politics at Chamber breakfast
The New Haven Register – January 19, 2017
Increasing Connecticut’s minimum wage would not only allow the state’s workers to earn a livable wage, but it would also give residents more money to spend in local businesses and shops, state Rep. Josh Elliott said.