Veterans and the Military


Veterans to Agriculture Program

It is one of our top priorities to ensure that upon our military veterans’ return they have plenty of educational and vocational opportunities. The Veterans to Agriculture Program will give a tax credit to veterans that have a gross income from agricultural production of over $2,500. The program will be facilitated and promoted by the Department of Agriculture and the University of Connecticut and will provide educational and training opportunities.

(PA 15-117)

Ensuring Vets Have Housing

Since 1940, the Veterans’ Home in Rocky Hill has served our vets in need with a range of rehabilitative, medical, and vocational services. To provide the best housing situation possible for our veterans, we are implementing several recommendations from a 2014 study on the Home.

  • Residents will have two seats on the Board of Trustees.
  • We will develop a process for residents to file complaints.
  • No veteran will go without housing should something happen to the Home.

(PA 15-197)

Making Services Available to Veterans on State College and University Campuses

Operation Academic Support for Incoming Service (OASIS) helps members of the Armed Services receive grants and scholarships to purchase items such as pens, notebooks, or flash drives when enrolling in educational programs. In 2015 we called for a study on how Connecticut's colleges and universities could implement the best services and practices into the veterans OASIS program. The goal is to help spread awareness and teach veterans about the benefits and services available to them.

(Special Act 15-1)

Establishing the Connecticut Women Veterans’ Program

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will now conduct benefits and services outreach for female veterans, and offer recommendations to the legislature on what types of service initiatives would be most helpful to female veterans. It is critically important that we protect those who protect us and this legislation is a good way to honor these brave women.

(PA 15-8)

Tax Exemption for Military Retirement Pay

This year, we cut taxes for veterans, giving a 100% Connecticut state income tax exemption for military retirement pay beginning in 2015. The exemption applies to Federal retirement pay for all retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces, Coast Guard, and CT Army and Air National Guard.



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