Legislature OKs Bill Helping Firefighters

April 25, 2016

For Representative Susan Johnson, protecting firefighters and making sure they're treated fairly is important. That is why she co-sponsored a bill that establishes a relief fund for wage replacements. The fund will be used for firefighters who are battling work-related cancer. House Bill 5262 provides compensation for current and former uniformed members of a paid or volunteer fire department who suffer from certain diseases as a result of performing their jobs.

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CT Finds Way To Save $$$ On Medicaid

March 18, 2016

Connecticut is finding new ways to save money and provide better health care by moving away from private insurers who administer the Medicaid program. By directly reimbursing doctors and hospitals, Connecticut is eliminating the costly middle man. For more details, read the Wall Street Journal news story.

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Johnson Opposes Hospital Funding Cuts

March 16, 2016

Rep. Susan Johnson joins her legislative colleagues, hospital administrators, employees and patients at a news conference to protest the withholding of Medicaid funds from Connecticut hospitals.

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Johnson Testifies On Hospital Pay Cap, Certificate Of Need

March 2, 2016

In strong support of House Bill 5211, An Act Concerning Certificates of Need, and HB 5174, An Act Concerning Salaries for Nonprofit Hospital Administrators, state Rep. Susan Johnson has testified before the legislature’s Public Health Committee.

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