Debt-Free College for Connecticut Students

June 10, 2019

Connecticut has the third-highest accumulated student loan debt in the country and the financial burden that our college graduates must shoulder after growing up here is driving many of them to other states where housing and the cost of living is cheaper.

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Climate Change Instruction Legislation Moves Forward

June 5, 2019

The House of Representatives passed House Bill 7083 to require the instruction of climate change in our public schools. It would be included in the science curriculum and based on guidelines consistent with the Next Generation Science Standards. In 2015, the state Board of Education unanimously approved NGSS standards.

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House Passes Biennial Budget

June 4, 2019

The House passed a budget which is responsible, stable, and funds the Rainy Day Fund at historic levels. With significant investments in education, job growth, and economic development throughout the state, the budget holds the line on spending.

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CT's Green Energy Moves Forward

May 29, 2019

Connecticut is taking important steps with innovative ideas to help us address our environmental and energy challenges through passage of a comprehensive measure to lay the ground work towards sustainable green initiatives.

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