Stafstrom's Gun Violence Bills Go To Lamont

May 28, 2019

One of Rep. Steven Stafstrom's highest priorities was to write sensible, gun-safety legislation to help the people of Bridgeport and other communities feel safer when they step outside of their homes. Stafstrom authored three bills. The House and Senate have passed all three by strong, bipartisan votes.

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Senate Passes Stafstrom's Ghost Gun Bill

May 23, 2019

Rep. Steve Stafstrom, the co-chair of the Judiciary Committee who wrote and introduced House Bill 7219, banning 3D-printed firearms also known as Ghost Guns, applauded the Senate for passing the legislation Thursday and sending it to Governor Ned Lamont for his expected signature.

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House Passes Bills Targeting Gun Violence

May 8, 2019

Led by Rep. Steven Stafstrom, co-chair of the Judiciary Committee, the House of Representatives has approved bipartisan legislation he introduced to reduce gun violence in Connecticut. Representative Stafstrom wrote the bills making up the legislation and led the lawmakers in a debate of the bills before they were approved by a bipartisan vote and sent to the Senate for final passage.

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Committee Backs $90.8 Million For Bassick

April 15, 2019

The $115 million financing for the construction of a new Bassick High School remains on track. I’m very happy to report that today my colleagues and I on the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee unanimously voted to approve legislation authorizing $90.8 million in state bond funding – about 80 percent of the total project cost.

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Stafstrom Hails Bonding For Police Cameras

March 28, 2019

Representative Steven Stafstrom joined his colleagues representing Bridgeport Thursday to announce that the State Bond Commission is expected to approve funding for the purchase of body cameras and digital data storage devices for the Bridgeport Police Department next week.

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