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May 4, 2016
Meet the Leaders
Representative Steinberg says he’s pleased the budget agreement is not fixed with gimmicks, but says there is much pain in the spending cuts the agreement contains. Watch the Video

February 3, 2016
Meet the Leaders
Representative Steinberg says it’s ground hog day all over again as here we are with budget challenges. He is pleased to see the state’s bio-science industry pursuits are starting to pay off but it’s early in the game. Watch the Video

December 9, 2015
Meet the Leaders
2015 CTLCV Environmental Summit – CT State Representative Jonathan Steinberg discusses the need for renewable energy resources that Connecticut needs to embrace in order to become more energy efficient. Watch the Video

October 22, 2015
Meet the Leaders
State Representative Jonathan Steinberg is on the set of Meet the Leaders talking about the budget, taxes and more. Watch the Video

May 26, 2015
Earth Day 2015

May 1, 2015
Rep. Steinberg Remarks on Focus on Connecticut

April 22, 2015
Meet the Leaders
State Representative Steinberg worries proposed cuts in the state’s social safety net go too far. He looks forward to reviewing the DOT study on highway tolls especially regarding options for non toll booth, high tech congestion tolls. Watch the Video

March 12, 2015
MORE Commision Chairman Jonathan Steinberg Discusses MORE's Goals

February 28, 2015
Rep. Steinberg Testifies on House Bill 5308 to Ban Toxic Fracking Waste in CT

February 18, 2015
Meet the Leaders
Westport State Representative Jonathan Steinberg says investing in the bio science and aero space industries in the past is starting to pay off and is a reason for hope for the state’s economy even as Hartford faces major budget challenges again this year. Watch the Video

January 7, 2015
Opening Day of the CT General Assembly 2015 Legislative Session