Gary Turco is serving his second term as State Representative in the Connecticut General Assembly, proudly serving Newington's 27th District and as an Assistant Majority Leader. He currently serves as Vice Chair of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee, Sub-Committee Chair of Accountability on the Appropriations Committee, and is a member of the Veterans' Affairs Committee.  

During Gary's first term, he was most proud to be able to secure millions in additional state dollars for Newington, create a new debt-free community college program, expand state income tax exemptions on social security and pensions for seniors, protect additional land on Cedar Mountain, and create a new law mandating ultrasound coverage for women with dense breast to help detect and prevent cancer.

Outside of the legislature, Gary works as a college admissions counselor and an adjunct professor in communication and political science. 

Previously, Gary managed the business development of technology companies, worked for a public relations firm, and was a policy analyst for the state legislature. He also spent time volunteering as an early childhood education teacher in Uganda, Africa. 

Locally in Newington, Gary was a member of the Town of Newington's Economic Development Commission and Town Plan and Zoning Commission. Improving the town's economic vitality and small business growth remains a top priority for him at the legislature.

He has received a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Sacred Heart University and a master's degree in Communication from Central Connecticut State University.

Gary works hard to be Newington's voice at the State Capitol. He is devoted to helping improve the quality of life for all of Newington's residents. His focus in the legislature is on creating more economic opportunities and higher-paying jobs within the region, increasing the affordability and access to higher education and workforce training opportunities, investing in the growth of mass transit, and reducing the cost of living for families and seniors.