Elliott earns 100 percent voting record during the 2017 legislative session

December 7, 2017

During the 2017 legislative session, state Rep. Josh Elliott voted 417 times earning him a 100 percent voting record.

As the 88th District state representative, Elliott voted in favor of bills that strengthen current protections for pregnant and nursing women under the state’s anti-discrimination law; ban “Conversion Therapy,” a barbaric practice that uses psychological and emotional abuse in an attempt to change the sexual orientation of gay children; make changes to the laws governing the civil forfeiture of property and limit the conditions under which the property can be seized; and increase police accountability by allowing municipalities to tap into a reserve of state funding to purchase body and dashboard cameras for police cruisers.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to make my constituents’ voices heard at the state level. This session, it was vital for me to vote for legislation that not only expressed the views of my residents, but also put Connecticut on the path to a sustainable future – regardless of party lines,” said Elliott, D-Hamden.

With both political parties tied in the state Senate, and Democrats holding a thin 79-72 majority in the House of Representatives, Elliott said it was hard to pass the broad, sweeping legislation he has been fighting for since he was elected.

Elliott spearheaded efforts to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, sought to equalize property tax rates and advocated for establishing a more equitable tax structure since elected.

“While we were able to pass legislation that puts both Hamden and Connecticut residents first, I remain committed to advocating for the implementation of more progressive policies so we can begin to address the inequities of our tax and social structures,” Elliott said.

Elliott currently serves as vice chairman of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, and is a member of the Energy and Technology, the Higher Education and Employment Advancement and the Children committees.