Support For Addressing CTs Upside-Down Tax Structure

March 1, 2024

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Dear Neighbor,

I wanted to open this update with an important video. Please watch and then read on.

As some of you know, I have been on the path of addressing Connecticut's upside-down tax structure for quite some time. Since the latest Tax Incidence Study shows that half of Connecticut tax filers pay over 20% of their income to state and local taxes with the top 1% paying less than 10%, it looks like I will be continuing on that path.

You can find the Tax Incidence Study HERE. There was also a story about our press conference in today's Hartford Courant, which you can find HERE.

It is unfair and it is up to us in the legislature to do something about it. On Wednesday, I took the topic on again but I had plenty of backup after inviting several fellow lawmakers to join me, including House chairs and vice chairs from Human Services, Education, Housing, Veterans committees, and more to relay how the broken tax system impacts how they do their jobs.

Also, all of those who spoke are members of the Tax Equity Caucus. We have many members!

I was asked afterward whether anyone has approached Governor Lamont about the issue because he has veto power and my response was that we are in continuous conversation with the Governor.

The Governor is clear. Whenever you ask him about what you want to do in terms of the backward nature of our tax structure, they simply say, we need more taxpayers. Understood. We would love, as members of the tax equity caucus, for more people to come and for more people to be providing their tax dollars towards the economy.

I will say this: We need much more than that. We need a better response to that. We need policy. Policy that brings people in, that brings those taxpayers in and ensures that people of the middle class and working poor can actually afford to stay here because right now they can't. It's easy to say, we need more taxpayers, but we need to ensure that we're making policy that brings those people in.

I will add this: I will keep fighting for a tax structure that is fair for all of us - and I have support.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at or 860-240-8585.


Josh Elliott

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