Housatonic Dredging

December 18, 2017

I am very happy Housatonic River dredging is completed. This project was important to Rep. Terry Backer and it is important to me.

Housatonic dredging project completed ahead of schedule

Dredging of the lower portion of the Housatonic River wrapped up almost a month ahead of schedule.

The lower Housatonic serves as Stratford’s Harbor.

The project resulted in the removal of nearly 300,000 cubic yards of sand from the Federal navigation channel downriver of the Washington Bridge. The dredged sand was then barged to Hammonasset state park for use as beach nourishment.

The Stratford Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission, the local lead agency for the project, has been working in coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to achieve dredging of the lower Housatonic for more than 20 years. These efforts produced phase I of the project in 2012 which removed about 53,000 cubic yards of sand that in turn were deposited just off Long Beach, providing a natural submerged berm to break wave action and diminish erosion. The Stratford commission began work on planning this year’s project, phase II, right after the first phase was completed.

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