Pro-Economy Legislation

January 25, 2017

There are many pressing issues that the General Assembly must address this legislative session. I'm proud to back a legislative agenda - many of the bills I’ve either co-introduced or co-sponsored - that provides a long term vision for moving Connecticut forward. 

These bills will grow our economy and create jobs, make living here more affordable for seniors, and help keep our young people living and working in Connecticut. Here are a few of the policies that I am supporting:

Exempting Seniors' Social Security Benefits from the Income Tax
Seniors paid into the social security system for many years, and it doesn't make sense for them to pay twice. Exempting social security benefits from the income tax will help more seniors enjoy a comfortable retirement in Connecticut, instead of relocating to other states.

Capping Bonding Allocations
We must reign in spending in order to resolve Connecticut's budget deficit. This legislation would impose a cap on State Bond Commission allocations that do not have an economic development purpose or are not for education projects.

Making the Technical High School System Independent
Technical high schools play an important role in creating a highly trained workforce. Removing the technical high school system from the overview of the Department of Education will allow schools greater freedom to pursue partnerships with manufacturers and other businesses. 

I encourage you to read more about our legislative agenda in this article from the Connecticut Post. Additionally, you can find a list of all ten bills here.