Haddad Reappointed Chair Of Higher Education And Employment Advancement

January 3, 2019

House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz announced today that he will reappoint Rep. Gregg Haddad to another term as House chairman of the legislature’s Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee when the General Assembly’s 2019 session begins Wednesday, Jan. 9.

Representative Haddad, who was elected to the Connecticut General Assembly in 2010 and represents the 54th Assembly District, has made the issues of college affordability, workforce readiness for all and campus safety his top priorities.

“Serving as House chairman of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee has been a great honor and I’m very grateful to Speaker Aresimowicz for giving me the chance to serve as chair for another term,” Haddad said.

Haddad plans to reintroduce the 2018 legislation titled Free 2 Start/Free 2 Finish college program, which would provide state aid to help qualified Connecticut students start and complete their college careers at community colleges and state universities.

“Educational opportunity and the future of our economy go hand in hand,” he said. “We have to reduce the cost barriers to pursuing a college degree and put it within reach for every hardworking Connecticut resident. At the same time, we have to support those who choose not to go to college and make sure that they have the skills that are needed by the state’s employers – everything from welding to drafting to high technology. Many of our employers have told us they anticipate hiring many new employees and we want to be ready with a workforce that they need.”

Haddad said campus security is also a priority. “The federal government is retreating from the Title IX regulations giving guidelines on improper sexual behavior. Connecticut has its set of rules already but we’ll be doing a complete top to bottom review. And if the federal government does not do its job, we’ll make sure Connecticut does.”