Addressing Our Unfair Tax System & Early Voting

March 1, 2024

Today marks the start of March, which means it's the start of a historic new chapter in Connecticut in the form of early voting. Read below to learn how the system works and when you can cast a ballot! 

I'm joining my colleagues in calling for a more equitable tax system. A new report found that lower-income residents in Connecticut currently pay a higher percentage of their incomes in taxes than wealthier residents. Please keep scrolling to watch my speech in which I outline why we need a change. 

We had a delightful conversation with the former mayor of Hartford on my weekly radio show. You have to look below to learn about the challenges Luke Bronin faced in office and how he thinks we can improve the entire state.

Here are the sections in today's email:

  • Addressing Our Unfair Tax System
  • Start of Early Voting
  • Let's Talk About It: Former Hartford Mayor
Addressing Our Unfair Tax System
I join the call to find solutions to improve tax equity immediately in Connecticut. A new study revealed that half of tax filers in our state pay over 20% of their income to state and local taxes while the top 1% pays less than 10%.

Our highest earners should contribute the most in state taxes. Our current structure burdens the working class while affording generous loopholes and deductions to the wealthiest individuals and corporations.

We also need to gain more flexibility when it comes to our fiscal guardrails because they are not addressing some inequalities. There is a clear shift in cost from state to local municipalities, which has caused our property taxes to go up higher than most states. We need policy that ensures the middle class and working poor can afford to stay in Connecticut.

Please watch the video below to learn more about how the fiscal guardrails are hurting special education all around Connecticut.

Start of Early Voting
Do you want to vote for your party's presidential candidate? Make your voting plan today!

March marks the first time Connecticut will host early voting. This new method allows you to vote in person safely and securely before Election Day. CLICK HERE for important voter information.

Click Here To Learn More About Early Voting
Let's Talk About It: Former Hartford Mayor
Former Hartford mayor Luke Bronin joined our weekly radio show "Let's Talk About It" to discuss some of the challenges he faced in office and how our state can improve to become more of a destination. Mayor Bronin served the city of Hartford for eight years, from January 1, 2016 – January 1, 2024.

Bronin discussed the obstacles of governing a large, urban area. He tackled issues such as gun violence, criminal justice reform, and homelessness. When he was first elected, Bronin worked with city and state leaders as well as businesses and unions to prevent Hartford from applying for bankruptcy.

We also discussed some of the shortfalls our state needs to address to improve the quality of life in Connecticut. Bronin would like more investment in special education and affordable housing. 

Click on the video below to learn more about Luke Bronin's background and tenure as the mayor of Hartford.

Former Hartford mayor Luke Bronin joined our show!