Car Seat Laws Changing October 1

August 1, 2017

A new law implementing updated child car seat standards will go into effect on October 1. Here's what you need to know:

The new law increases the age and weight thresholds for car seats and generally requires that car seats be equipped with five-point harnesses. In line with research that shows rear-facing car seats to be safer for children, children under the age of two or under 30 pounds must be in a rear-facing seat.

Under this law, there are four categories based on a child’s age and weight, and each category provides one or more car seat options.

A child must meet both the age and weight requirement for the particular category of car seat. If a child meets only the age or only the weight requirement, the more restrictive car seat category applies. (For example, a child who is over 30 pounds but under two years of age must still use a rear-facing seat.)

I'm proud that Connecticut is making children's safety a priority by basing our standards on the most up-to-date research. If you have questions about these new requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out to my office.