Beloved Nurse Remembered

November 30, 2023

Dozens of nurses, friends, family, and loved ones gathered at the State Capitol to say a final farewell to a visiting nurse whose life was cut short on a patient visit. We remembered Joyce Grayson’s life at a candlelight vigil to bring closure and to honor her life of service.

Some read poems, others shared stories, and we sang songs during an emotional time of mourning. The Connecticut Nurses Honor Guard paid tribute to Joyce with a white rose. We also lit candles beside a framed photo with Joyce’s eternal smile. You can watch the entire service by clicking here. Joyce was a mother and grandmother from Brooklyn and worked as a home health nurse for 15 years.







Grayson was found dead in a basement of a home on Chapman Street in Willimantic on October 28 after she went to see a patient for a quick appointment. Police have charged a registered sex offender in connection with the case.

My colleagues and I in the legislature must work diligently to make sure this horrible tragedy never happens again. We are looking into what laws must be addressed to increase protections for home healthcare workers. It's essential to create a comprehensive approach that not only ensures worker safety but also maintains the quality of care provided to patients. Striking a balance between these aspects will likely involve collaboration, research, and careful consideration of various perspectives to create effective and equitable laws.