CT Attorney General Tong, State Reps. Allie-Brennan, Currey, Advocates Condemn Recent Attempts to Target Access to Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Children in Texas

February 24, 2022

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong and State Representatives Raghib Allie-Brennan (D – Bethel, Danbury, Newtown, Redding) and Jeff Currey (D – East Hartford, Manchester, South Windsor), and local advocates are speaking out against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's recent allegations that gender-affirming surgery is "child abuse" and Texas Governor Greg Abbott's order for an investigation into these services.

"There is zero role for shameful partisan politics in private healthcare decisions between a parent, their child, and their doctor. This is bullying, plain and simple, and it needs to stop. All children deserve to be loved, included, and affirmed," said Attorney General Tong.

“The Texas Attorney General and Governor's attempt to obstruct access to gender-affirming care for children does nothing but harm futures and sow fear and disinformation about our trans community, holding their gender identity and expression hostage. There is absolutely zero evidence to support the egregious claim that these services harm children – the real abuse comes as a result of ignorant acts like this that punish trans children for simply being themselves," said Reps. Allie-Brennan and Currey. "In Connecticut, we have worked to protect access to these life-saving treatments and the right for patients to make health care decisions privately, with their pediatrician and without political intervention. We have a duty to protect human rights for every resident, no matter how young they are, and we will continue to strengthen our laws shielding LGBTQ+ folks’ right to access dignified, gender-affirming care."

"Gender-affirming surgery and medical care is life-saving for many trans and non-binary people – especially young people. Coming between anyone and the care they need to survive is an act of cruelty. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s comments are utterly baseless and we condemn them in the strongest terms. We thank AG Tong and Reps. Currey and Allie-Brennan for speaking out for our community in Connecticut, Texas, and beyond. We will continue to fight so all of our trans family feels welcome and affirmed with unfettered access to services in Connecticut and every corner of the country," said Matt Blinstrubas, Director of Equality Connecticut.

Access to gender transition services and treatment are protected in Connecticut and covered under the state's Medicaid program. The state Department of Social Services was among the first Medicaid programs in the United States to add comprehensive coverage for treatment and services for gender transition. In 2017, coverage for these services were added to the HUSKY B, Connecticut's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), in recognition of the scientific evidence demonstrating these services' medical necessity in treating gender dysphoria and validity as non-experimental procedures.  

Coverage for these services under HUSKY Medicaid remained intact in 2020 when the Trump Administration finalized federal regulations repealing Affordable Care Act protections against medical discrimination based on sex and gender identity.  

Additionally, in 2020, the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunity issued a major ruling to prohibit employers and insurers from denying coverage for gender transition treatment.