All 8 CT Counties Experiencing Stage 2 Drought Conditions

July 19, 2022
Dear Neighbor,

Due to low rates of rainfall and unusually high temperatures this season, Connecticut's Interagency Drought Working Group has declared all eight Connecticut counties are experiencing Stage 2 Drought conditions.

Residents are being asked to be mindful of their water consumption and take steps to reduce impacts on other water uses and the environment. Doing so can help mitigate potential harm if the drought continues.

There are steps residents and businesses can voluntarily take to help conserve Connecticut's water resources.

Additional water saving tips can be found here.

 What is Stage 2 Drought?

Refers to an emerging drought event that could potentially impact water supplies, agriculture, or natural ecosystems. There are five stages of drought defined in the Connecticut Drought Response and Preparedness Plan. If dry conditions continue, the state could reach Stage 3. Connecticut has experienced stage 2 drought five times over the past 20 years in 2002, 2007, 2010, 2016, and 2020. In 2020, four counties reached Stage 3 Drought.

"Flash" droughts, or short, intense dry periods that typically follow normal to above-normal rainfall, are common in the Northeast. These "flash" droughts can typically last 2 to 6 months but may create shortages in public water supplies and low stream flows.

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