Protecting our Air and Environment

July 29, 2022
While work at the federal level to step up the fight against climate change has been slow at best, here at the state level, House Democrats supported policies during the 2022 legislative session that will help cut our carbon footprint, promote environmental justice, and protect the health of Connecticut residents.

With Congress still negotiating climate policy and the Supreme Court actively harming efforts to cut carbon emissions, my colleagues and I took the lead on working to combat climate change and protect our environment by passing S.B. 4, AN ACT CONCERNING THE CONNECTICUT CLEAN AIR ACT.

This bill, which has now officially been signed into law, takes steps to help our state breathe easier through cleaner air and moves the transportation market away from fossil fuels in favor of vehicles that do not aggravate asthma issues that many densely populated sections of our state experience.

The Connecticut Clean Air Act

S.B. 4 works to improve the quality of our air and environment by enacting the following measures:

  • Establishes funds to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas in order to improve air quality;
  • Makes it easier for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing access to rebates and vouchers to buy electric vehicles;
  • Assists municipalities and businesses with the purchase of electric vehicle charging stations;
  • Improves air quality by reducing the allowable emissions emitted by medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

What affects the environment also affects each one of us. This legislation is a bold step in ensuring that Connecticut does its part to protect our planet and our future.

Rep. Palm with Environmental Committee colleagues and advocates at the Gov.'s press conference on the New Haven Green last week.