July 21st Weekly Newsletter

July 21, 2023

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Bright Spot on Tax Relief

My colleagues and I delivered on our promise to lower taxes for those who need the most help. According to a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Connecticut is a leader on tax relief for low- and middle-income earners. While other states cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations, Connecticut stands out for providing nearly $500 million in relief for individuals and families.
Below are some of the highlights of tax relief we passed this year:

  • Lowering the income tax rates to save many middle-class households $300-$500 a year
  • Raising the state income tax credit from 30.5% to 40% of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit - providing $210 on average for households earning less than $60,000 per year
  • Expanding an existing exemption for certain pension and annuity earnings, providing additional financial security for retirees and those close to retirement
Click Here to Read More About Tax Relief in CT
We know that when our most vulnerable get the support they deserve, they can support Connecticut's continued growth.
Leader in Reproductive Rights

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court's devastating decision overturning Roe v. Wade, I am pleased that Connecticut has been a national leader in passing a number of measures defending residents, healthcare workers, and those from out-of-state seeking reproductive services and resources.

To further protect reproductive rights in our state, a number of bills we passed last session were recently signed into law including: 

  • Public Act 23-128, which enacts protections for Connecticut medical providers who offer reproductive health care services against adverse actions taken by another state;
  • Public Act 23-52, which allows pharmacists to prescribe birth control;
  • Public Act 23-41, which increases access to reproductive health care services by college students at public institutions of higher education;
  • Public Act 23-56, which establishes safeguards against the collection, sharing, and selling of personal data online, including health-related information; and
  • Public Act 23-147, which improves maternal healthcare by expanding birthing hospitals in Connecticut. 

Individuals seeking abortion services can call 1-866-CTCHOICE (1-866-282-4642) or click the button below to find providers available in their area, community services, and other useful resources.

Abortion Access in Connecticut

Connecticut remains committed to protecting a person's fundamental right to make their own decisions concerning their reproductive health and well-being.

Teachers' Advisory Council

Teachers are heroes, but are often not treated as such, and definitely not compensated as they should be.

My hope is to learn how Connecticut can support teachers better and be a strong advocate for them at the Capitol through the 27th District Teachers' Advisory Council.

If you are a teacher and live in the 27th District, please visit bit.ly/27thTeachersAdvisoryCouncil to join and receive updates on legislation impacting teachers.

New Britain Fair Rent Commission