Connecticut: A Leader in Reproductive Rights

July 31, 2023

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court's devastating decision overturning Roe v. Wade, I am pleased that Connecticut has been a national leader in passing a number of measures defending residents, healthcare workers, and those from out-of-state seeking reproductive services and resources.



To further protect reproductive rights in our state, a number of bills we passed last session were recently signed into law including: 

  • Public Act 23-128, which enacts protections for Connecticut medical providers who offer reproductive health care services against adverse actions taken by another state;
  • Public Act 23-52, which allows pharmacists to prescribe birth control;
  • Public Act 23-41, which increases access to reproductive health care services by college students at public institutions of higher education;
  • Public Act 23-56, which establishes safeguards against the collection, sharing, and selling of personal data online, including health-related information; and
  • Public Act 23-147, which improves maternal healthcare by expanding birthing hospitals in Connecticut. 

Individuals seeking abortion services can call 1-866-CTCHOICE (1-866-282-4642) or click the button below to find providers available in their area, community services, and other useful resources.


Abortion Access in Connecticut


Connecticut remains committed to protecting a person's fundamental right to make their own decisions concerning their reproductive health and well-being.