Let's Talk About It: Renovations Coming to Historic Town Hall

August 4, 2023

Windham Mayor Tom Devivo joined us on “Let’s Talk About It” to discuss the plan to upgrade our historic town hall. The Willimantic Town Council unanimously approved a $3 million spending project to renovate the third floor of town hall, which has been dormant for decades due to its condition.

While there is no timeline on the project, we do know three meeting spaces will be created as part of the renovation. The plan is to move the clock tower mechanism down into the third floor for viewing and better maintenance. This project should have no significant impact to tax rates as it will be bonded over 25 years, and payments would not start for a few years when other debts are paid down.

Please click on the video below to listen to the entire show.


In addition, my co-host Dennis O’Brien and I applauded a recent PBS NewsHour report on our unique Frog Bridge! Local experts broke down some of the fascinating history behind our beloved frogs in town.

Click Here To Watch PBS NewsHour Frog Report!