Celebrating My CEA Report Card

October 24, 2023

While the time for students to receive their report cards is not quite here, I just received mine from the Connecticut Education Association (CEA),  and I'm excited to share that I've earned an A!  As Connecticut’s largest teacher organization, I’m honored to have earned this distinction. (Our former State Senator Don Williams recently retired as the Executive Director at CEA after nine years of service. Congratulations Don!)

The CEA report card evaluates legislators based on their support for policies and initiatives that promote excellence in education. It takes into account factors such as funding for public schools, support for educators, and advocacy for equitable educational opportunities.

CEA GradeI want to express my gratitude to you for your continued support and collaboration in advancing educational excellence. Your input, feedback, and engagement have been invaluable in shaping my work as your state representative. 

Moving forward, I remain committed to working tirelessly on behalf of our community and ensuring that every child has access to a high-quality education. Together, we will continue to advocate for increased funding, innovative programs, and resources that will empower our students to thrive.