Access to Mammograms, Funding for Tutors, and Progress to Windham Public Schools

October 27, 2023

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I'm reminding everyone that you have access to life-saving breast cancer screenings. Please read below to find a facility offering mammograms near you.

Two local schools received funding for tutoring services. Keep scrolling to learn how these grants will support our students. 

And, I spoke with the head of Windham Public Schools on my weekly radio show about the amazing progress to our high school's renovation, student achievement report card, and parental advocacy group. The full show is below.

Here are the sections in today's email:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • School Districts Receive Funding For Tutors
  • Let's Talk About It: Windham Public Schools
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My colleagues and I will always work to fight breast cancer and other diseases. Last year, we passed landmark legislation requiring certain health insurance policies to cover a baseline mammogram for a woman age 35 to 39 and one every year for a woman age 40 or older.

No out-of-pocket costs

No meeting outrageous deductibles

No co-pays

No co-insurance or cost-sharing

That's the power of legislation!

Mammograms are our best tool to detect breast cancer in those who may not be showing or be aware of breast cancer symptoms. You can find a screening center by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Anyone who needs assistance obtaining a mammogram can find resources at or call (860) 509-7804 for more information.

School Districts Receive Funding For Tutors
Windham Public Schools (WPS) and Eastern Connecticut Regional Education Service Center (EASTCONN) are getting some help in building and boosting their high-dosage tutoring programs. The funding comes from the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) and will serve more than 375 students.
This is part of a larger $11.5 million investment to 46 school districts across the state to address learning loss following the pandemic, ensuring students have intensive, curriculum-aligned support to close academic gaps. WPS received $437,500 and EASTCONN received $56,000.

This grant ensures our students will have individual support they need to succeed. High-dosage tutoring is a proven tactic that can help our youth in and outside of the classroom.

The Connecticut High-Dosage tutoring program will allocate funding to schools for the 2023-24 and first half of the 2024-25 academic years.

Let's Talk About It: Windham Public Schools
Education was the big talker on my weekly public affairs show, “Let’s Talk About It.” I spoke with Windham Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Tracy Youngberg about all the amazing progress we are seeing in the district. We discussed the high school renovation, district-wide accomplishments, and the district parent advisory group.

Work at Windham High School is moving at a rapid pace. Students and teachers are already using most of the updated classrooms, the gym, cafeteria, auditorium, and kitchen for the culinary program. Dr. Youngberg thanks the construction team, students, and staff for powering through all the renovations. Students appreciate the investment the town has put into them, and they have renewed optimism for their futures. This work shows what tax dollars can do to boost a community. Renovations are expected to be complete by December 2024.

Speaking of our students, they are excelling in the classroom! According to the District Performance Index, last year Windham Public Schools saw growth in English language arts and math. Dr. Youngberg tells us the focus is now on improving science achievement. Parents and guardians may play a larger role in achieving that goal.

The district recently formed a new parent advisory group that shares a mission to help students achieve their academic dreams. This small group addresses the needs of families while engaging parents in the work. They meet once a month with Dr. Youngberg and her team to tackle obstacles and make changes if necessary. These parents are truly becoming a voice in their children's education.

We also talked about improving attendance, the district's dual language program, and much more. You can listen to the entire show by clicking on the video below!

Windham Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Tracy Youngberg discusses all the great things happening in our district.