Stratford's New Recycling Center

November 14, 2023


A brand-new recycling center has opened in Stratford, revolutionizing the process of exchanging old bottles for cash. Thanks to the Environment Committee modernizing the bottle bill, this is the type of innovation we envision to spur the green economy. As a result of the new state-of-the-art automatic bulk sorting machines,  multiple types of bottles and cans can be processed simultaneously, eliminating the hassle of separating plastic, cans, and glass beforehand. The center boasts five cutting-edge sorting machines that swiftly scan and compact items, guaranteeing customers a quick refund. With the recent change to the state's bottle bill, which raises the refund amount from a nickel to a dime, more redemption centers have opened, and existing ones have received upgrades. The overarching goal is to inspire greater recycling efforts statewide. This new redemption center perfectly aligns with Connecticut's visionary mission to transition from a linear economy to a circular one. Customers can now effortlessly empty their recyclables into designated chutes, walk away with a receipt, and redeem it for cash. Since it opened, the facility has efficiently processed thousands of containers, leaving a positive environmental impact. Dig deeper by clicking here.