2024 Legislative Survey

The following are bills that have been submitted for a public hearing in the CT General Assembly. Please select your stance on these bills and there is room in the notes section below to provide additional feedback.

A tax increase on earnings over $400,000 to pay for a child tax credit.

Preventing private equity companies from purchasing and managing nursing homes.

A farmer fund to help farmers during extreme weather incidents.

Allowing small businesses and non profits to pool together to purchase health insurance like large companies can do.

Covering medical costs for undocumented immigrants.

Having businesses pay more into the Unemployment Trust Fund so that when workers strike, they can have access to Unemployment Benefits.

Adding a Global Entrepreneur Resident Program to attract top talent from around the world to work in our state.

Exempting Seniors from paying into the Passports to Parks program on car registrations.

Mandating that all employers (the law currently applies to companies with 50 or more employees) provide paid sick days to their employees.

Banning menthol cigarettes.

Ranked Choice Voting for our elections.

Rather than mandating electric vehicles, encouraging the purchase of EV’s through incentives.

Banning the use of cell phones during the day in schools.

Investing more funding in to childcare and early childhood education.

Creating an Elder Care Registry for all workers in the elder care system.

Addressing climate change through sustainable infrastructure investments and incentives for businesses.

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