Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee

Veterans Advisory Committee

State Representative Gary Turco (D – Newington) is recruiting Newington veterans and service members to serve on a committee that will help shape policy decisions impacting veterans during the upcoming legislative session.

Rep. Turco requested to serve on the legislature's Veterans Affairs Committee after meeting veterans throughout the community over the summer and he would like to advocate on their behalf.

"Having not served personally, I am looking for veterans, family members of veterans, or anyone interested in helping Newington and Connecticut veterans and advising me on legislation and state policy affecting veterans. This is an opportunity to ensure the voices of veterans and service members are heard throughout the legislative process and can help inform decisions made at the state capitol," said Rep. Turco.

The committee will meet once every other month. The first meeting will be held virtually via Zoom and is slated for Monday, January 11 at 6:30 p.m.

Individuals who are interested in serving on the Advisory Committee can complete the linked form here.

For additional information about the Advisory Committee, email

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