Rep. Boyd, Moderate House Democrats Urge Fiscal Restraint

February 4, 2021

HARTFORD – Recently, several proposals have been put on the table that recommend expanding taxation in Connecticut including the implementation of a statewide property tax, expanding the income tax, and breaking the constitutional Spending Cap as an emergency measure.

Now is not the time to increase the tax burden on the residents and businesses of the State of Connecticut. Many families and small businesses are struggling because of COVID-19 and find it disheartening that the news coming from some legislators would directly affect their wallets. As a coalition, we are urging the Governor and our legislative colleagues to hold the line on taxes, take advantage of Federal COVID Relief Funding, use caution when spending the rainy-day fund, and continue to pay down our unfunded pension liabilities, which is the perennial burden on our budget process.

“In 2017 Democrats and Republicans came together to implement a Spending Cap, a Bonding Cap, and Volatility Cap. The direct result of those structural changes has put Connecticut in a position to have a robust rainy day fund, a budget surplus, and improved bond rating. We must continue to get our fiscal house in order to position Connecticut for future success. Breaking the Spending Cap is a non-starter and a step backward from the work we have done in previous years to stabilize Connecticut.”
– Rep. Pat Boyd

“When we have money in the bank, the last thing we should be leading with is increasing the tax burden on people. Instead, we have our economy to make a priority so let’s reinvest in Connecticut’s growing biotech and manufacturing sector and expand workforce training. Let’s utilize our talented team at AdvanceCT and CT Innovations to help our business community not only survive, but thrive as we move out of this pandemic. ”
– Rep. Kerry Wood

The Moderate Coalition stands ready to work with our colleagues, leadership of both parties, and the Governor to find common sense solutions during this budget cycle and beyond. Let’s Talk!

The Moderate Democratic “Blue Dog” Caucus is a coalition of approximately 25 Connecticut House Democrats who are advocates within the House Democratic Caucus for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and good governance while making common sense policy for all residents of the State of Connecticut.