Watch Out for IRS Scams

February 15, 2017

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is warning consumers about an IRS email scam potentially targeting consumers during tax season.

Scammers use different approaches including calls, email or even text messages to get your information and could pose as IRS staff, a bank or financial institution, employers or even as someone from a health care facility.

The IRS will never contact you via telephone, text or email.  If they need to contact you for any reason, you will be contacted by MAIL ONLY. Please do not respond to any other form of communication from the IRS.

If you have any IRS questions, or concerns, you should contact your local IRS office. They will be happy to assist you. More information on how to avoid these scams is available on the DCP website. You may also contact the State Department of Revenue Services for any other concerns about tax season.