Helping Small Businesses Thrive

February 23, 2017

Small businesses are the lifeline of our economy. They are creating jobs, increasing productivity, and capitalizing on growth opportunities here and globally. Thanks to small businesses, our unemployment rate is at an 8-year low and, according to Bloomberg, we are the 5th most innovative state in the country.

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Protecting Women's Healthcare

January 23, 2017

Rep. Conley, along with representatives Kelly Luxenberg, Liz Linehan, Robyn Porter, Caroline Simmons and Senator Mae Flexer, introduced a package of five bills today to protect and expand women’s access to healthcare. The package serves as an agenda for protecting women’s health rights in Connecticut.

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Democratic Priorities

January 17, 2017

House Democrats have filed a package of ten bills, mostly focused on encouraging job growth and economic development.

The legislative package has widespread support among the House Majority caucus, and is expected to also garner bipartisan backing as the proposals are developed further by the joint House-Senate committees.

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Rep. Conley Receives Committee Assignments

January 9, 2017

Rep. Conley, an attorney by profession, has been named Vice-Chair of the Planning and Development Committee. Additionally, she will serve on the Judiciary and Transportation Committees.

“I am pleased with my committee assignments and look forward to working with my colleagues on tackling the challenges ahead,” Rep. Conley said. “I am honored to have been named Vice-Chair of the Planning and Development Committee as I begin my first term, and I am ready to work hard in Hartford for my constituents.”

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