Vigilance on Women’s Healthcare

January 30, 2017

I recently joined about 50 of my legislative colleagues at a press conference on women’s health issues. Given the real threat that Congress will repeal the Affordable Care Act, legislative actions by states are more important than ever. I am backing legislation affirms our commitment to policies covered by ACA.

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Pro-Economy Legislation

January 25, 2017

There are many pressing issues that the General Assembly must address this legislative session. I'm proud to back a legislative agenda - many of the bills I’ve either co-introduced or co-sponsored - that provides a long term vision for moving Connecticut forward. 

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2017 General Assembly session begins

January 4, 2017

Allen Martin, a Stratford resident, joined Rep. Joe Gresko for the legislature’s opening day ceremony at the State Capitol. Gresko talks about the work the legislature is facing in this video. He also appeared in this Meet The Leaders show on News 12.

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2017 Legislative Session Preview Courtesy of Meet the Leaders

December 22, 2016

Representative Joe Gresko believes despite there being a new legislative mix in Hartford next session the ability to make progress and protect the environment still exist.

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