November 8, 2017
The Mistake in the Budget on Administering the Renter Rebate Program
“The error in the recently-passed budget that prevented appropriated funding for the renter rebate program to be distributed as scheduled was a mistake, and I apologize for not catching it. Fortunately we are still in session, and after reaching out to the other caucuses and the governor, everyone is in agreement to fix the problem in an expedited, bipartisan manner.”
- Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin/Southington)


October 31, 2017
Budget Compromise Signed into Law
Following months of negotiations, the Connecticut Legislature overwhelmingly approving a bipartisan budget that will end our state’s budget stalemate and the fear and uncertainty that having no budget has created for our municipalities, businesses and social service providers. Today, Governor Malloy signed it into law. READ MORE


October 2, 2017
House Democrats Principles of a Budget That Invests in Connecticut’s Future
It is critical that we work together and compromise with the governor and Republicans to reach a bipartisan agreement on a final budget in short order that can become law. READ MORE


September 18, 2017
The Republican Budget Is Not the Answer
Early Saturday morning, the majority of our caucus voted against a Republican budget proposal that moves our state in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, the bill passed and now heads to the Governor's desk. Here is what the Republican budget means. READ MORE


August 28, 2017
Hurricane Harvey Relief
Please consider making a small donation to one of these emergency relief organizations so that the people affected by this massive storm know we in Connecticut are with them in heart, mind and spirit. READ MORE


August 23, 2017
Investing in Connecticut's Future
House Democratic leaders released a revised two-year proposed state budget proposal that would use a small uptick in the sales tax to significantly reduce the impact of the governor’s recommended cuts in education aid to cities and towns. READ MORE


August 18, 2017
Tax Free Week
CT's Tax Free Week, which runs Sunday, August 20, to Saturday, August 26, offers residents a tax-free week for back-to-school clothing and footwear purchases.  READ MORE


August 1, 2017
Explaining the SEBAC Deal
We asked hard-working state employees to come to the table and give back billions in wages, health care benefits, and pensions. They did that.  READ MORE


June 30, 2017
House Democrats Put Forth Revised Two-Year State Budget
The updated balanced and honest budget is being presented to all legislative caucuses and the governor with a goal of final adoption of a full biennium budget in July.  READ MORE


May 25, 2017
Campaign Finance Reform Passes the House
Today, a bill that reduces the amount of special interest “dark money” in state election campaigns passed the House of Representatives on a 79 to 70 vote. READ MORE

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