2023-2024 House Democratic Leadership

Speaker of the House
Matthew D. Ritter

Majority Leader
Jason Rojas

Deputy Speaker Pro-Tempore
Michelle Cook
Bob Godfrey

Assistant Deputy Speaker Pro-Tempore
Kevin Ryan
Hilda Santiago

Deputy Speakers
Larry Butler
Juan Candelaria
Josh Elliott
Josh Hall
Bobby Gibson
Minnie Gonzalez
Mary Mushinsky
Alphonse Paolillo
Geraldo Reyes
Christopher Rosario
Bobby Sanchez

Assistant Deputy Speakers
Travis Simms
Peter Tercyak

Deputy Majority Leaders
Raghib Allie-Brennan
Christine Conley
Mike Demicco
Pat Dillon
Tammy Exum
Kate Farrar
Antonio Felipe
Susan Johnson
Gary Turco

Majority Caucus Chair
Corey Paris

Deputy Majority Caucus Chair
Dominique Johnson

Chief Majority Whip
Robyn Porter

Majority Whip At Large
Christine Palm
Kara Rochelle

Deputy Majority Whip At Large
Andre Baker
Henry Genga

Assistant Majority Whips
Tom Arnone
Jill Barry
David Michel

Assistant Majority Leader
Aundre Bumgardner
Aimee Berger-Girvalo
Marcus Brown
Brandon Chafee
Hubert Delany
Michael DiGiovancarlo
Jack Fazzino
Mary Fortier
Jaime Foster
Jane Garibay
Anne Hughes
Dominique Johnson
Sarah Keitt
Maryam Khan
Jennifer Leeper
Treneé McGee
Amy Morrin Bello
John-Michael Parker
Ron Napoli
Michael Quinn
Kadeem Roberts
Farley Santos
Frank Smith
Derell Wilson

2023-24 Committee Chairs

Aging Committee
Jane Garibay, Chair

Appropriations Committee
Toni Walker, Chair

Banking Committee
Jason Doucette, Chair

Committee on Children
Liz Linehan, Chair

Commerce Committee
Stephen Meskers, Chair

Education Committee
Jeff Currey, Chair

Energy and Technology Committee
Jonathan Steinberg, Chair

Environment Committee
Joe Gresko, Chair

Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee
Julio Concepcion, Chair

Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee
Maria Horn, Chair

General Law Committee
Mike D'Agostino, Chair

Government Administration and Elections Committee
Matt Blumenthal, Chair

Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee
Gregg Haddad, Chair

House Select Committee On Connecticut’s Sustainable And Renewable Energy
Raghib Allie-Brennan, Chair

Housing Committee

Human Services Committee
Jillian Gilchrest, Chair

Insurance and Real Estate Committee
Kerry Wood, Chair

Internship Committee
Mary Welander, Democratic Leader

Judiciary Committee
Steve Stafstrom, Chair

Labor and Public Employees Committee
Manny Sanchez, Chair

Joint Committee on Legislative Management
Matt Ritter, Chair

Planning and Development Committee
Eleni Kavros DeGraw, Chair

Public Health Committee
Cristin McCarthy Vahey, Chair

Public Safety and Security Committee
Pat Boyd, Chair

Regulation Review Committee
Lucy Dathan, Democratic Leader

Transportation Committee
Roland Lemar, Chair

Veterans' Affairs Committee
Anthony Nolan, Chair